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Innovating Safety and Efficiency

NCA Laboratories have innovated a range of chemicals for your facility, that is safe and efficient in each application. 

R4+ Disinfectant

Surface Disinfectant Solution

Using the latest technology in chemical manufacturing, NCA has created a surface disinfectant right here in our laboratories in Sydney, that can deactivate bacteria within seconds. R4+ uses chemical preservation that allows the chemical compounds responsible for denaturing bacteria, to last for long periods on surfaces, preventing bacterial growth.

With no dilution required, R4+ is Non-Toxic, no acidic aerobic effects or nasal disruption, safe to use on all hard surfaces including leather and vinyl, the R4+ is a revolutionary, deactivating disinfectant that is a step ahead of the rest.

Bring your facility up to standard and protect both your staff, patients, customers and surfaces.

Conforming to ISO 14885, the R4+ is the new wave of safe and effective disinfecting. 

Comes in 5L bottle and 500ml spray.


360 Cleaning Solution

Ultrasonic & Underbench Multi-Purpose Washing Detergent

In the modern-day where time is of an essence, your facility requires a rapid solution for effective workflow. Part of growing a successful facility is to have a fast and effective workflow. It is generally difficult to achieve this without sacrificing quality. 

NCA Labs have Developed The 360 Detergent to assist with this workflow. The multipurpose solution allows for use in all cleaning processes of the cleaning sterilising area in hospitals, private practices (dental, medical, vet) and laboratories. From scrubbing the instruments to the ultrasonic or under-bench washer, 360 can be used in all areas, including wiping down surfaces within these cleaning areas.

Conforming to ISO 15883, AS 4815 & AS 4187, the 360 is the next step to cleaning innovation.