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Traditionally adhesion slides were made by and to provide quality bonding between the slide and tissue sample. Poly-L-Lysine was commonly used for this procedure and is still used in major brands today for Immunohistochemistry. The issue with Poly-L-Lysine is its inability to bond correctly to the slide, as well as causing damage to the tissue. This can end up being a huge cost to collection centres, medical centres, and become a major concern for the patient when recollection is required. NCA Labs have taken a page from the past, and have redesigned the formula for adhesion slides. With years research on the new formula, the tissue samples have been proven to remain on the slide, without damaging the tissue and limiting recollection. Because of our new formula, we have also cut down the cost of the slide by almost half the market price, saving your facility thousands annually. The use of the new formula also increases the clarity of the imaging of the sample under the microscope. Made locally in Australia by hand and analysed thoroughly through a critical QC process, we have ensured that your results will be no less than 100% in your valuable field of research and diagnostics.